Application Forms

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Application Conditions

Positive Indicators

These will give best chance of success.

  1. a) The grant must be used within the area of the Royal Burgh of Sanquhar & District Kelloholm and Kirkconnel Parish.
  1. b) The organisation must have a constitution/lease agreement, committee, audited/ examined accounts and have held an AGM in the previous year.
  1. c) The grant will be used to benefit at least one of the following aspects of the community/area:
  • Charitable,
  • Economic,
  • Educational,
  • Environmental,
  • Historic,
  • Social,
  • Sporting,
  • Tourism 
  1. d) Benefit the whole community.
  1. e) A Completion report for previous grant must have been submitted.
  1. f) Applications must be submitted before the closing date.

Negative Indicators.

  1. An application for an individual and deemed to be for their sole benefit.
  1. b) Projects that are expected to be undertaken by statutory bodies.
  1. Grants sought retrospectively.
  1. To fund the project in its entirety (in some circumstances this might be considered).
  1. e) Where a large amount is requested and only a few people benefit.
  1. f) Projects that bear little relation to the geographical area of Upper Nithsdale.
  1. g) Grants sought for political or financial gain.
  1. h) The grant may not be used to fund anything against the owning wind farm company or landowner.

3.3 Enclosures with Application

  • Constitution/Lease agreement
  • Audited or independently examined accounts
  • Three written quotes for goods and services from contractors within Upper Nithsdale area and/or a detailed breakdown of costs –
  • Name & address and telephone number of two independent referee