Grants Awarded

List of approved applications from meeting on Monday 22nd January 2024

Decision on Applications Applications Approved: Amount
The Crawick Multiverse Trust Ltd ( Events Officer, 2 seasonal workers etc)
RBSD Community Council (To gift new Hoodies to all children at Sanquhar Primary & Nursery)
RBSD Community Council (To help with running costs of The Nithsdale Times}
RBSD Community Council ( Local Energy Discount from electricity supplier to offer all residents in Sanquhar & District Community Council area)
Sanquhar + District Men’s Shed (To purchase wood & Paint to repair Summer Seats from the Square Sanquhar)
RBSD Community Council (To replace Deffibulator Batteries)
Ayrshire + D & G Royal Scottish Pipe Band (To host and administer an indoor full pipe band contest incorporating the disciplines of solo piping and drumming. Also Hire of premises Sanquhar Academy)
Kirkconnel Miners Memorial Centre (Improvements to main hall)
Kirkconnel Parish Heritage Society (Bus Repairs )
Sanquhar & District Silver Band ( To purchase new instruments)
Kirkconnel & Kelloholm Childrens Gala (Kirkconnel & Kelloholm children’s gala 75th anniversary)
Kirkconnel Bowling Club (RENEWABLE ENERGY AND LIGHTING UPGRADE, solar panels, battery storage etc)
Crawick & Nithsdale Wheelers Club (To help with traveling costs for Charity run from Lands’ End to John O’Groats)
Sanquhar Royal Burgh Troopers Club (To support the Troopers Club Members Horse Subsidy for ROM 2024 also junior riding lessons

Grants approved at UNCT meeting on 27th September 2023

Decision on Applications Applications Approved: Amount
RBSDCC Nithsdale Times sub group
£2,500 (Sunnyside funds)
Sanquhar Bowling Club
£13,550 (CWL funds)
Brighten Up Sanquhar
£3,500 (CWL funds)
Sanquhar Sewing Bee
£750 (Windy Rigg funds)
Sanquhar Enterprise Company
£36,000 (Twenty Shilling funds)
Kelloholm Primary School Parent Council
£8,000 (CWL funds)
Kelloholm Nursery School Parent Council
£5,000 (CWL funds)
£1,200 (Sunnyside funds)
Kirkconnel Parish Heritage Society
£15,000 (Twenty Shilling funds)
Kello Rovers FC
£24,758.60 (CWL funds)
KKDT Upper Nithsdale Tourism Partnership
£2,500 ( 50/50) (Windy Rigg funds)

Below is the list of approved applications from our meeting on Monday 1st March 2021.

Thanks to Community Windpower and Sanquhar 1 windfarm


Groups / Organisations Amount
Royal Burgh of Sanquhar & District Community Council Christmas Lights.
Royal Burgh of Sanquhar & District Community Council Resilience Sub Group.
A’The Airts, Sanquhar
Nithsdale Wanderers Ladies Football Team
£2,000 waiting on approval (Quote required)
Sanquhar Town Hall
Sanquhar Bowling Club
Brighten Up Sanquhar Group
Friends of Clark’s Little Ark


Groups / Organisations Amount
Kello Rovers Football Club
£2,400 waiting on approval (Quote required)
Kirkconnel and Kelloholm Development Trust
Kirkconnel and Kelloholm Parish Heritage Society
£7,000 + £5,000 (£12,000) see attached Letter
Kelloholm Leek Club

There were no joint applications in this round of funding.

Groups that benefit from latest grant applications from Community Windpower, Sanquhar 1 wind farm. Meeting on 29th October 2020


Groups / Organisations Amount
Bowling Green, towards 150th anniversary tournament and improve changing rooms
Nigel Henderson Court Social Club, towards quizzes, high tea etc .
Sanquhar Community Council, survey for 5 year action and development plan.
Nithsdale Times, towards new lap top and equipment.


Groups / Organisations Amount
Kelloholm Rovers FC, towards cost for new tractor, spiked and grass collector,
Kirkconnel and Kelloholm Development Trust, towards fees for ground investigation works for proposed sheltered housing project.

50% share both communities

Groups / Organisations Amount
Nithsdale United FC, towards pitch and hall hire for training costs.
Nithsdale Valley FC. Provide new tracksuits etc.

Grants awarded 25 February 2020 from Community Windpower Fund.


Groups / Organisations Amount
A the Airts. Towards salary for part time and full time officers
Town Hall SCIO, for kitchen upgrade and carpet for stairs.
Sanquhar Enterprise Company, towards salary development officer
Sanquhar Community Council, Christmas Lights
Bowling Club, base for new storage shed.

Kelloholm / Kirkconnel

Groups / Organisations Amount
Heritage Society, towards staff and running costs.
Kelloholm and Kirkconnel Development Trust, towards staff costs
Miners Hall, smoke bins.
Miners Hall, roof for old coal sheds, for storage.

50% share both communities

Groups / Organisations Amount
Upper Nithsdale Tourism Partnership. Towards 3 festivals
Nithsdale Valley FC. Towards training costs and new strips.
British Legion, flag standard holders.

New applications are now welcome...